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Homecoming 2015


Evangelist Ron Coram will be joining us this year for Homecoming on August 23rd. There will be lunch provided afterwards as well. The theme for this year is “The Big Kickoff,” so be sure to sport your favorite football team’s jersey or shirt.

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New Sermon Series

4 horseman

Pastor Keith will begin a new Sermon Series on Sunday, August 2nd “Countdown to The Apocalypse.” The series will discuss the signs of the end times, and how they fit into our real world today.

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War Room

war room

The new film “War Room” hits select theaters on August 28th. From the makers of previous hits such as “Facing The Giants” and “Courageous,” come support this movie which deals with the theme of prayer and its importance.

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New Men’s Bible Study

straight talk to men

Our new Men’s Bible Study is called “Straight Talk To Men” by Dr. James Dobson. This study deals with living as a Godly Man in a modern world.

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Sunday School Promotion Day

moving up

August 2nd is our Sunday School Promotion Day this year. People will make the jump to the next age group class, an exciting day for incoming middle school students into the Youth Group and other ages as well.