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NASCAR: Drove me to Jesus

It was about 7 years ago as I sat in my isolated room closing into the bottom of my serous depression. The collapse of the economy, the lack of decent job opportunities had left me wondering where to turn next. Although I didn’t do much but brew in my hopeless future and feel sorry for myself I did have one bright time each week that would provide me some solace. Every Sunday I did look forward to watching NASCAR and on this particular Sunday it was “Bristol Baby”. Bristol is known as Thunder valley, the ½ mile track and roaring engines of 43 High performance race cars certainly makes the name very appropriate, but on this particular Sunday there was a different Thunder that grabbed my attention and changed my life forever. Now NASACAR is the only professional sport I follow, and one thing that came to mind that day was all the drivers and teams I looked up to had one thing in common, They always thanked God first whenever they were interviewed after winning a race. NASCAR also always has a prayer before each race, unlike our schools and other sports that have prohibited such activity, and on this day I heard the thunder of a Baptist Pastor from a small church in Tennessee who gave the invocation. His words and more important his passion and love for Jesus grabbed a hold of me as if the actual hand of God lifting me up and taking me into his arm assuring me that It’s all right He’s been there waiting for me. “Come to me all who are weak and weary and I will give you rest” Matthew 11:28 now reminds me each day that God will care for us all. That day I researched my neighborhood found a wonderful Baptist church to join close to home and not long after accepted Jesus as my savior and God. Since then I have seen many miracles in my life and the Good Lord is always there when I need him most, So my message to everyone is listen for the Thunder and when you hear it, know it’s a Joyful sound of love from He who love you more than anyone or anything. NASCAR is back in 2 weeks and hopefully someone like me will hear the Thunder, and change their life forever.

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